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Femme Luxe Finery

Another day and another amazing collection of Femme Luxe goodies arrived. Thank you so much for the continued collaboration with The Go To Girls Blog. We are loving all of the amazing styles and designs you offer and this is just a small percentage of the total amount of clothes and accessories the website offers. If you have not checked out the website YOU SHOULD!

You are missing out on some amazing little dresses, the comfiest loungewear and much much more. Let’s get on with the latest items I have been gifted by Femme Luxe.

The first item and my favourite have to be the baby blue lounge suit.  This is in Femme Luxe Loungewear range.
So comfy!!

I love this suit! This is the third suit I have received from Femme Luxe and I cannot compliment them enough. They are amazingly soft material. They have no tight elastic so no nipping when you are relaxing. Then when they are washed they do not lose any softness or colour. You have to relax and I cannot recommend these suits enough for that. You will not be disappointed.  They have so many different styles and colours and you can see them all on the Femme Luxe website under the loungewear section.  I have all of my friends and family searching for these on Femme Luxe’s website.  

Next, we have a beautiful wine coloured dress, ruched with a little frill at the bottom which is really cute.

This is a stretch material making the dress easily hug you in all the right places without being uncomfortable and the ruching hides all of those little areas you hate showing like underwear lines.  It is available in various colours and sizes.  This dress is a must in your wardrobe ‘Go To’ items.  It will last through summer and remain the in colour for the next six months as it is a summer, autumn and winter colour!  Perfect for the Christmas party or date night.

Next was a little top. Now when I say a little top I mean little. Possibly a design aimed at younger ladies! I thought I would try it out and it is a beautiful top but a little too revealing for me on its own. I have found a way around this issue though. Wear it with another top underneath! A nice pair of jeans or a skirt a little vest top and this white crop top on over and you have a lovely outfit.  It is a front tie top with Chiffon sleeves and is very comfy even in the hot weather as the material is very breathable.   As you can see by the model in the picture below it is beautiful on its own.  White Tie Front Puff Sleeve Crop Top - Hanna

Finally a cute little t-shirt. Anyone who knows me knows I love to get dressed up when it is needed but any other day I love a pair of shorts and a little t-shirt. Femme Luxe has some cute t-shirts.

They are nice cotton material soft and wash very well. They don’t lose the shape when washed and barely need ironing which suits me fine.  This is just one of the designs made by Femme Luxe.  They have a great range of very well styled, made and priced t-shirts.

I am so glad Femme Luxe chose our brand to collaborate with theirs as we love them and expect our collaboration to last.

For complete transparency, we receive the items free in return for a post with an honest review of the items.

Take a look at their website at

Loving being me.

Love The Go To Girls Blog xxx

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