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Collaborations are rolling in!!


We have a new collaboration from the Buy Deals Shop.

They have gifted us a ‘Sport Bluetooth Headset’ with a 16GB memory card included for the price.

We haven’t seen a Bluetooth headset with a memory card in it before so we were especially keen to see this one. Usually, you would just attach it to your phone and play music from there which you can still do.

This one however is a bit better as you can use it with or without your phone.

There are lots of great things about this headset starting with charging time is only two hours. Call time this Bluetooth lasts for approximately four hours when you play it at fifty percent volume.

Sport Bluetooth Headset From The Buy Deals Shop

buy deals shop collaboration

Playback time is around six hours at fifty percent volume. It is easy to use with buttons on three sides of the earpiece.

The sound is great and very clear. It pairs very easily with your phone. The buy deals shop has a lot of great deals at amazing prices and you can find them all at the Buy Deals online shop.

All in all, I love these headphones but now I seem to have lost them as my husband will not stop taking them. LOL

You can also find them on Instagram

Don’t forget to use my special exclusive checkout code on your purchase for a great discount!!         Donna5off

The collaborations have been rolling in lately and here at The Go To Girls Blog, we are loving it. The collaborations are all on a gifted basis at the moment which means we are being given items in return for a review.

Loving being me.

Love The Go To Girls Blog xxx

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