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Granny Monster & Theo… In the beginning.

Grottyville was a little village out in the country where not many people visited. There was only around 10 residents in this village,
Granny monster was one of the residents of one of those streets, born in grottyville she was a shy quiet person, she was the village baker and her shop was the only one for miles around.
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People would come from far and wide to taste one of her delicious cakes but all the kids were terrified of her. They said if you went near her house on a night she would chase you and if she caught you she would bake you in to a fabulous cakes. This was not true as she was really just a little old lady (by day)
During the day the village was just a normal village the people going about their business appear normal the streets appear like a normal streets but when night time comes all changes and the dark side of the village appears
Most of the residents of the village had traits you would not usually find in one person let alone of a village in truth it was just one street.
The house she lived in was at the end of the street, it wasn’t a big street and the neighbours were not the type of people you would want as you neighbours. Next door was the Mr Snot he was covered in snot from his constantly running nose, he did not have many visitors as his full house was beside a river of snot and if you ever entered his house you would never leave as you would be either stuck to the snot walls or sucked into the snot river if you ventured into the garden.
Opposite lives the mentipede, he was a cross between a man and a centipede but he was bitten by a centipede when he was young and now he turns temporarily into a monster centipede complete with fangs and horns.
Then there are the twins of darkness they nearly always have a rain cloud over them and if you cross paths with them when you are in a bad mood they will transfer the cloud to you, the trick is for you figure out why it has transferred to you.
Further down the street was the golden man, under his every day clothed lies a man with skin made of gold. He fell into a gold smelting pot at the smelting works when he was younger and this transformed him into a gold skinned monster with weird abilities to set fire to things with his burning hot gold thumb
Granny monster and her neighbours are not always monster as i said during the day they were just normal people, so what happens on a night time to change these regular people into monsters….. is it the moon …. no….. could it be something they eat…… no…….. it was an old well at the middle of the street. What they did not know was the water in the well was magical and it kept the world from seeing the true forms of the people who drank from it.
All of the street use this well for the water they drink. What they did not know was 100 years ago a witch was tracked down to the village and unable to escape put a spell on the well and the village to make anyone who drank from the well able to hide their true forms so as they can never be discovered and may live in peace as long as they stayed in the village. As time wore on the magical effect of the well started to leak out to other parts of the village and magical things started to happen, not very often but enough times to make the residents curious as to what was making them happen.
The village did not have a lot of people moving in and out, as at night it was not a place most people would want to live but then a little boy and his mummy showed up with the moving van granny monster found out they inherited a house in the village from a distant relative. This house had been empty for as long as any of the resident could remember and they were not sure who had lived in it.

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So when a little boy called Theo and his mummy showed up, everyone was surprised. This little boy was not your ordinary little boy but he was something of a monster buff. He loved monsters, he never knew there were actually real monsters living around the world and particularly the street he was about to move into, but he loved them anyway. Given the chance to meet one was obviously something he never considered as he was a child, it was something he had often dreamed of .Theo had no idea of the adventures that lie ahead of him in this new home in Grottyville.
What Theos mummy had not told him was how he became to fascinated with monsters in the first place and how they came to be moving to Grottyville. Years earlier, when Theo was a baby he had actually met a monster. It was a long lost uncle, Uncle Dave was a perculier man as he glowed in the dark, mummy’s brother had eaten fire flies when he was little and they had a chemical reaction with his body which made him glow in the dark and his face appeared to look like a fly. Theo’s mummy also had a secret of her own, she was a long lost descendent of the witch who put the spell on the village well to hide all manner of monsters from the outside world and she had moved Theo here to protect him from anyone discovering about his mummy and his uncle. Even Theo could show signs of impending monsterousnous one day!!!! But at least for now he had no idea of the family and therefore the villages secrets
Theo was excited to explore when he moved in so while his mummy was unpacking he asked if he could go and have a look around. Yes said his mum but do not go far and be back or tea. Off he went. He was such a polite and friendly little boy he thought he would go and introduce himself to the neighbour next door who everyone knew as Granny.
Granny (monster) was in the kitchen making one of her delicious cakes when a little face appeared at the door. Hello, My name is Theo, we have just moved in next door. Hello Theo, granny replied. You are a very friendly child we don’t get many children around here, mainly when people are passing through or staying at the B & B. Oh! replied Theo
Then who shall i play with?
Oh i am not really sure Theo! I suppose i could show you around the village if you wanted me to. Yes i would like that. Sit down and have a piece of my cake and a glass of milk while i clean up and then we can head off for a walk…..
Mmmmnn this cake is delicious, said The. Er what is your name? You can call me granny everybody does. Oh ok i will, i don’t have a granny. i only have a mummy.
That’s quite sad Theo, were are the rest of your family? I don’t have anyone else, he said.
That’s ok you have one important person in your life and that’s all you will ever need, and now you live in the village i am sure you will make lots of friends along the way, starting with me!
Right i am ready shall we go. Off they went. Granny decided to take Theo down the garden path to where in the bushes hidden was a small gate. Granny turned to Theo and said she was about to introduce him to the real Grottyville and should he want to he could turn back now. Why would i want to turn back Granny?
Oh no reason Granny said hoping what she was about to reveal would not scare him, little did she know of Theos family secret. Looks like Theos not the only one who will be surprised in the future.
Please leave your comments below if you like the story, a review would be good also good or bad let me know if you read this to your children if they like it as my grandson loves granny monster and Theo stories at bedtime the first adventure will be released on kindle later this month thanks for reading
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  1. Sounds very interesting. I think I would have liked it as a child, unfortunately I don’t have any that I can share it with but I wish you luck with it 🙂

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