Create A Blog In Four Steps?

How to start a blog in four steps!

1. Decide on your niche

First, you need to decide what are you actually going to blog about?

What do you love and what do people ask your help with?

Is it tech, gardening, cooking, inspiring others, design?

You could blog about your life. Choose something you’re interested in, then blog about what you have learned.


2. Choose a blog name and register it.

Take your time choosing a name as once you have it is with you for the life of your blog!

When you have decided on a name for your blog you need to register your domain name.

I got my domain name for free as part of my hosting package with Bluehost.


3. Choose hosting

I use Bluehost but originally started on WordPress.   It was easier to begin for me on WordPress but a bit limited on what I could do with my blog so I changed to self-hosting with Bluehost.

How to start a website with Bluehost

A. Click on the Get Started button.

B. Choose your plan.

C. Enter your domain name.

D. Fill out the account information.

E. choose the length of your plan 

F. Enter your payment info and click Submit.

G. Create a password. You are done! Pretty Simple! 


4.  Install WordPress

Choose a theme and start building your very own website!

Click on the Start Building button or I don’t need help if you are a ‘techie’

Finally, start working on creating your blog posts, etc.  That’s it! 

Wow is it really that easy? 

Yes, it really is. 

If you need help then Bluehost has an amazing team on live chat that will help you. 


Thanks for reading for more tips on blogging to see our other posts on all things blogging

Loving being me. 

Love The Go To Girls Blog xxx





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