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Since I have been blogging I have become a bit of a people watcher.  Well in fact a world watcher if there is such a thing . I watch people, animals, the sky, the sunrise, the sunset. I even watch where I go, not that I usually wander around in a daze, more on autopilot you know the routine as well as me. Wake up, cup of tea, get a shower, make up, hair, get dressed, go to work, come home, shower and bed, more or less.

I have done this so often I am on autopilot these days as I am sure millions of people around the world are.  The thing is do you even notice the world around you?  I thought I did but maybe not!  I walk around the town I live in these days and I’m amazed by how much I have not even noticed so I thought I would share some of my photos I’ve taken recently of the things I’ve never noticed before that are right on my own door step.  Not a bad place to live!!  Why don’t you have a good look around on your way to work and message me with what you saw that you missed before!

Anyway one reason why I’m writing this post is to try to get people to be more aware of their surroundings in which they are living.  The main reason was not the buildings, all the scenery, it was the people.  I get angry with the way people are with each other and even despair about how we treat others but then again I’ve come to realise there are still some really good people out there in the world.

I recently wrote a few poems when I’ve been feeling down. I’ve been feeling down more than usual a past few months for reasons I won’t go into but this last 2 weeks have been especially hard as I’ve had the resurfacing of my neuralgia.  I thought doctor’s had it under control and for a while they did.  I was pain-free for what was around 6 months. Then a couple of weeks ago and my ear started hurting again.  AAARRRGGGHHH!!! not again this in turn led to me being a long-term bad mood with respite only  when I can dose myself up on tablets. (not the best choice but so far my only choice)

I wrote a poem called Help Me.  If you haven’t seen it it’s on my blog.  Out of the blue I’ve had several comments and even offers of help first I felt shocked then a massive feeling of hope came over me and a massive grin to my face.  Then as I read the comments I had an overwhelming feeling it is true there are some caring people out in the world and their responses I had were really heartwarming.  They are even from people who have suffered a lot more than I have.

I found when people have suffered the same they know your pain, they feel your pain, other people suffering the same pain. I’d like to say to those people on my blog comments (you know you are) how grateful I am for your comments offers of help and support thank you.  As it just reminded me that in general I am a really positive person who wakes up with a smile on her face but I forgot for a while and let my crazy brain, (this is my pet name for my sad, unhappy bad side of me.  No offence ment.) creep up and start taking over when usually I have a handle on it so bye-bye crazy brain hello sane brain.

If I can help any of you with anything that sounds familiar in this post or just anything in general please please message me and I will try my best to help you every time.

On a lighter note just to end this blog do you ever see weird things on your way to work these are the photos of some of the weird and wonderful things I have spotted on my way to and from or even during my lunch.  If you  can you match the level of weird and wonderful let me know!

Feeling more like me….

Still love being me….

Thanks for reading, please come back again for more tales of love, life, family and travel.

Love always The Go To Girls Blog xxx

Help Me……..

With my head  in my hands,

Tears in my eyes,

The pain is too much to bear,

Who will help me, who will care.


I have been suffering too long,

Want to rip my head off,

Just to get some relief,

Just to get some peace.


The pain is piercing,

Like a needle in my ear,

The pain is constant,

Something I don’t want to feel.


The cold hurts it, the vibration, the noise,

I can’t help it, its out of my control,

I just need someone to hold me,

Just to take the pain away.


A kind face, a comforting word,

A warm pillow,

Anything to calm this pain,

Who can help, who will care.


Pain, pain all I know is pain,

All to lose and nothing to gain,

When will it stop,

Will it just carry on?


Hoping soon it will be gone,

I thought it was solved,

turns out nothings resolved,

Someone HELP ME please.


I can’t take,

This pain anymore,

It’s beyond my control,

That i know for sure!


I feel so angry,

Rage building inside of me,

How much more can I take,

Before you see another side of me.

You think I’m a fool,

You treat me so cruel,

You should beware,

Because when I go I will scare.

I don’t want to get, where you push me,

Too far,

Don’t dare!

The Go To Girls Blog Speaks “Ull”…..

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know i am from  “Hull” (‘Ull is the pronunciation if you are from Hull.)  Hull is a port and has a long history of the fishing industry ingrained into our cobbled streets.  img_20181011_1327253543694106518162802.jpgIf you visit Hull you can still see the docks and the pier where the old passenger ferry from Hull to New Holland.  Nowadays this no longer exists but further down the River Humber you can get a North Sea ferry to Holland or Belgium.  img_20181010_1836217333112362111433164.jpgThey called the mouth of the River Humber the gateway to Europe.  One thing you may not know about Hull is the language.  We up in the north-east are quite unique in many ways and one of those ways is the way we  speak.  As I have lived here all my i don’t notice we all have this accent.  Even less noticeable to me is our pronunciation of certain words, i suppose it is a kind of Hull slang.  I though for this blog i can introduce you to some of the words and the slang versions of them.  I am going to tell you how this idea came about.  img_20181011_1327222557307065459385721.jpgI work in our town center and always walk along the pier and noticed a while ago the pub on the river front Minerva has installed outside seating and as an amazing touch to the seating our slang had been added onto the wooden slats on the seats.  As a blogger I am always looking for inspiration for my blogs and my home town is a wealth of interesting history and stories.  Hence the thought of this as a blog subject.  It may make you laugh or it may make no sense to you but here goes anyway.

Below is a list of words and phrases and the Hull slang versions of them.


Above: I am playing outside.img_20181011_1326206947344067322546735.jpg

Above: I am having  a conversation with someone.img_20181011_1326138066962855963765598.jpg

Above: I am on government benefits. (dole)img_20181011_1326048224991602278205721.jpg

Above: The children are outside playing.img_20181011_132707929102387999529222.jpg

Above: It is raining really hard & Radio Humberside. (the local radio station)img_20181011_1327002292604318820033621.jpg

Above:  Hessle Road.  (One of the main streets in Hull)img_20181011_1325571977259331193443641.jpg

Above: There is no snow on the road.

Above:  Ice in my coke (please remember this is slang not swearing)


Above: We are going onto Hessle Road.img_20181011_1326297261851751047819545.jpg

Above:  I claim to go first.  This is said when you are playing a game and you want to go first.img_20181011_1326017768297179405080573.jpg

Above: The back alley behind your house where children used to play.  Named as most of them were actually ten feet wide.img_20181011_1325524495592259760426626.jpg

Above: Your holidays.img_20181011_1325058979084489430813985.jpg

In the order they are above top to bottom:

Chip seasoning,


Playing truant from school,


I don’t know,

Can I have a look.img_20181011_1324055901589970762034313.jpg

Again words as they are above:

Half a lager,


The other end of the street,


Get the drinks in,

Oh, No,

A pint of mild (a type of beer),

You can’t really make the last one out in the picture, the word is ‘fizog’

it means face.burst_cover_gif_action_20181011132527.gif

As above listed in order on the picture.


Shut up,


Is there something the matter?

So there you have an insight into our slang here in Hull.  I hope you like/understand it LOL!

Another reason to love being me. x

Thank you for reading, please come back again for more tales of love, life, family and travel.

Love always the Go To Girls Blog. xxx


Words, words, words,

They come, they flow,

In my mind,

They grow.


I need a release,

Never want them to cease,

I have to write,

Sometimes through the night.


It’s like a volcano in my mind,

Words spewing never two of  a kind,

Am I crazy?

Is my mind obsessed with words!


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